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This video demonstrates good public relations video footage. If you are looking for marketing assistance or video footage for your own website, give David a call at 403-991-8863. He also online marketing services at Calgary Marketing Services.

Good quality video on your website can add value to your company and your online presence

Videos draw more attention to your website, bring in more viewers and give your organization credibility. If the video is designed and produced well, people will learn more about your organization and what it is that you do. Rocky Point Academy is a learning solutions center that aids individuals in learning to read or write with unique techniques. Using Dyslexia Assessment Calgary, individuals will be able to learn in a way that works for them and is unique to their learn style.

This clip demonstrates the power of video on an organization’s website by telling a story that would have been lost through text. If you would like to see video like this on your website, give David Howse a call at the number above or send him an email at

More Companies

  • Calgary Concrete Companies is a local company that specializes in residential concrete projects. Contact Greco & Son for any home renovation projects, such as repairs, patios, walls, sidewalks and more.
  • This Canadian Production Company is presenting The Royal Moscow Ballet’s Don Quixote in 16 cities across Canada in 2017. Visit their page to see when the ballet will be in your city.
  • Calgary Earth Moving is the homepage for WRD Borger Construction Ltd.
  • Lethbridge Flooring is a direct access to FloorRight, Alberta’s leading floor store.
  • is the best marketing site in Lethbridge.
  • is David Howse’s marketing blog site.
  • Autistic Characteristics has its own unique gifts and struggles. Calgary Autism can provide you or your loved ones with their development programs.
  • Storage Units Calgary offers a wide range of starting from $42.00. Reserve your CityBox now!
  • Kubitz & Company is a slip and fall injury lawyer representing victims for more than 25 years.
  • Marc Bombenon has been involved in many charity organizations helping Albertans in need. He is a big supporter of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Calgary Food Bank, and many more.
  • There are numerous benefits in outsourcing your business’ cleaning tasks to janitorial companies. The first and most important one is that these companies already have the skills, people, and machinery needed to addresss any cleaning emergency that could happen in everyday business situations. The second important reason to consider hiring a janitorial company is that these companies are constantly acquiring new cleaning systems, and trainings to guarantee the best solution for every cleaning case. With uniformed, screened staff, and predetermined cleaning schedules, business companies can rest assured that the cleanliness of their facilities is being managed in an efficient and professional matter.
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