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When considering online Calgary marketing help, the first thing you should look at is the quality of your content. Online content is written much differently than essays or novels. Good online content needs to be written in a style that is direct, concise, factual and grammatically correct. If your content abides by each of these rules, your website will be boosted above others who do not. Below is an example of a well-written content article.

Your website content has to be inline with your brand voice. As a small business, marketing your company can feel like an uphill battle. The competition is fierce and there’s so much noise out there that it can be difficult to stand out as an individual brand. Your brand voice, or how you sound to your customers, is created through how you communicate. However, marketing isn’t something you have to be afraid of. It doesn’t have to be this scary thing where you need to know the insider secrets of the industry in order to succeed. The truth is, marketing can be as simple as you make it. And it’s also not something that has to take up a lot of time or energy. So, keep your writing simple at first.

If you’re starting a business from scratch, or trying to get your current small business off the ground, marketing won’t come naturally at first. This article covers everything you need to know about marketing your business so that you can hit the ground running with confidence and ease.

Read the below website content and decide if you like it or, if not, what would you change?

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips has long been lauded as a staple for the English diet. It has exploded onto the Western scene in the past thirty years. The dish began as a quick and easy “take away” food for the English working class. In essence, fish and chips is a fried fish filet with a side of fries.

There are many variations of fish and chips with the prime variance being the type of fish used in the dish. Commonly used fish include haddock and Atlantic cod. Another variation of the dish is based on the frying base used when crafting the dish. In England and Scotland, vendors use the traditional method of beef dripping or lard. In other parts of the world, peanut oil or vegetable oil is used.

Batter consists of a simple water and flour batter. Batter variations include beer and stout to entice different flavors from the batter. Combined with the traditional salt and vinegar sprinkling over the prepared fish, this may generate a wide range of flavors. Malt vinegar is a typical accompaniment and goes well with the mix of flavors in the fish and chips platter.

Fish and chips has survived as a prominent staple of the English diet for hundreds of years for good reason!

Calgary Content Writers

If you struggle with content writing, whether it is creating new content or finding the time to write it, we can help. Email us at and we can discuss how fresh content on your website will help boost its online ranking.

The following video was shot for public relations during the World Petroleum Congress 2017 Bid in Calgary Canada.