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In order to earn more profits for your business, you must gain more customers. In business, you want to be continually recruiting new clients so that you can grow your business and continue to provide services at a profit. In order to gain new leads, you need a way to communicate with your current clients as well as your prospects.

Even though we use the Internet for communication countless times a day, there is still value in using the telephone to get in touch with someone. Now with digital messaging, a phone call seems more personal and can create an instant connection with another human being. Below is a lead generation script that a company could use to converse with a potential client and create a business connection over the phone.

Lead Generation Script for an Insurance Company

Hi my name is ___________________, I’m on behalf of _______________ [in Calgary or here in Calgary].Gatekeeper 1

Can I please speak with __________________________.

Gatekeeper 2

I have a couple questions for the person who manages your group benefits plan, can you help me to speak to that person?

Gatekeeper 3

I just have a couple questions regarding your group benefits plan – can you help me speak with _______.

Introduction & Pitch 1

Hi ______________ . My name is ___________________, I’m on behalf of the ______________ [in Calgary or here in Calgary].

May I speak to the person in charge for the group benefits?

This is in regards to the average Canadian company overpays their group benefits by about 15%? That’s the statistics no.

The general solution is an audit of the funding of the plan. Would it be okay if my partner sent you a quick guide on what to look for on your next renewal? It will show you the difference between the service that we ca offer.

Just to clarify there is no harm or obligation in letting us send you a statement.

Who is the final decision maker for the group benefits? Because I would like to send the information to her/him

*If I may ask also if when is next renewal date?

*What’s so I can get that to you?

(Are you open to a follow-up in a week or so after that email?)

*Verify info of the person your are speaking with

And feel free to stop me when a few of these stand out as something that would be beneficial to you and your business:

  • An examination of the funding model
  • The funding arrangement
  • What benefits you have
  • What benefits you want to have
  • Working with a broker who knows you and your business
  • Working with a broker who is a specialist
  • When and what happened with your last claims analysis?
  • What happens during renewal?
  • How much negotiation went on during the renewal?
  • What your employers think?
  • If your group benefits advisor led you to believe that you are in a contract with him or her.
[Either before or after this list, always give a chance for the person to speak. Listen to what they say.]
  • Extra Script Notes:
  • _________: Agent of Record can change monthly but some companies allocate so much time to the process that they don’t want to look at it again for another year.
  • But ask some renewal questions:
  • (1)were you happy with the negotiations
  • (2)where you happy with the information – did you get a detailed claims analysis
  • (3) were you presented with other options
  • (4)did the process make sense to you
  • (5)did your advisor market the plan for you?
  • (6)how did you feel about the renewal process

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The script above shows the value in using a telephone call to create a relationship with potential and current clients and make it personal. If you would like any marketing assistance or online digital services, send David Howse an email at