Challenges in Marketing in Today’s World

Marketing right now has evolved into a broader and more competitive industry. The popularity of the internet has significantly grown into a giant marketing tool not only in Calgary but globally. However, new challenges arise too as businesses find more ways to stay on top.

problems in marketing

Since marketing has mostly gone offline there are lots of shortcomings that happened. This is because people would want to engage with the new ways of marketing things, platforms becoming congested. The problem is persisting right now as you can see on major social networking sites like Facebook.

Spam Postings and Suspicious Links

The primary culprit of this is that many are jumping on the bandwagon after knowing that the internet could give them free advertising. However, this frenzy resulted in a lot of spam all over the internet. As you can observe, you will see a tremendous number of people posting on different social media sites, particularly Facebook.

There are different places where people are posting. It might be on their news feed, story, groups, fan pages, etc. There is a huge portion of those postings that are just spam and contain dubious links. Some of those links are just made for phishing and other types of scams imposed by black hat hackers.

Having said so, people right now are reluctant to check on links that are from social media sites. There is a significant decrease in clicks because of trust issues on the links that are found all over the internet. This happens even if the links are from a legit company especially if the poster has used a link shortener before posting.

Stiffer Competition

Since promoting through the use of the internet is free except if you will opt into paid options, expect that a huge percentage of the niches are saturated. This gives the brand lesser views compared to 10 years before. Well, it could be advantageous for the audience because they have a variety of choices but it can be a dangerous curve to any brand out there.


There is a saying that if it is not trending, it’s nothing. This is actually true for brands that have a big audience base already. It would be really hard for a startup to flourish. Having said so, success on the internet is not only based on hard work but luck as well.

So it is important to have a solid business plan because timing and content are very important if you want to establish a good reputation for your website.


It can be very hard for a brand to build a reputation because of several challenges that it might face. The problem will always be there as the continuous development of new technologies occurs. Moreover, you need to seek help in case you are already clueless about what to do and some experts can help you deal with your dilemmas.

Marketing your brand will be much easier if you will have some help. We at Calgary Marketing Help has the best processes in marketing that will give you better brand visibility. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve more profit and chances of overpowering your competitors.

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