Offline and Online Marketing: Which is better?

In the early times, offline marketing is a big hit. This is because there are no other choices than doing offline marketing.

Marketers tend to give flyers or put posters on the walls and lamp posts. It was effective as passersby can see the advertisement on their posters.

offline vs online

This drives sales to your business but in a very limited way. Only the people passing by and the ones living there will be able to see your ads.

Also, it seems to be very expensive especially for big signage such as billboards. You’ll need to prepare a big budget not only for the ad space itself but for the graphics designers as well.

The Onset of Online Marketing

Nowadays, online marketing is the trend. It is already overpowering its offline marketing counterpart. All businesses are rampantly turning online right now. Not only, the products but on marketing as well.

The use of the internet in promoting your brand is very efficient. With the use of different platforms such as social media sites and forums, everything is made easy.

You can now effortlessly reach a lot of customers in no time. The good thing is, you can do it wherever you go, as long as you have devices with the internet.

Online vs Offline Marketing

Marketing has gone a long way. It is either you do it the conventional way or online which is the most efficient form of marketing.

To give you an idea, we will try to compare the two. This will prove to you how online marketing is always superior to offline marketing.

Offline Marketing

  • In offline marketing, it’s either you spend big or nothing at all. Simple marketing ways like the word of mouth always works. This is done by simply introducing your product to anyone that you have a conversation. That act is marketing itself in its simplest form.
  • For people that are not well-versed in using gadgets, offline marketing is a life-saver. It allows them to market their business without the need for any gadgets or technology.
  • You can enhance your skill in sales talking. If you choose the word of mouth as a medium, doing it often can surely make you an expert in the field.

Online Marketing

  • It does not matter wherever you are in the world. You can surely market your brand without any limitations. You just need to have a device that can connect to the internet and you are good to go.
  • The share button on social media sites can help you work things on autopilot. Your postings containing your advertisements will spread even without doing anything. As long as your posts are engaging and catchy, you’ll surely get a lot of viewers.
  • You can get creative with online marketing and use it to your advantage. You can either make videos or graphics then add them up to your postings to become more interactive.
  • You can opt to use free methods of marketing or go with the paid ones. Either way, they will work well as long as you execute your strategies in the right way.


There is nothing wrong if you’ll use the conventional way of marketing. However, going the extra mile is recommended especially since the competition is very stiff nowadays.

So it is great if you will take a chance in online marketing. This will increase your chances of getting your brand known despite the stiff competition that the market has.

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